Parent Resources

We want to partner with the parents of students here at Greenwood Baptist Church to help develop students into disciples of Christ who will mature in faith beyond the reaches of our Student Ministry. It is our firm belief that the parents should be the primary source of discipleship in their students lives, and research has shown that the parents have far more influence in maturing a student's walk with Christ than the local Student Ministry ever could.

We want to make resources available to you, the parent, so that you feel fully equipped and prepared to walk with your student during some of the most difficult challenges and questions that they will face during their time in middle school and high school. 

We also want to partner with you as we teach your students on Wednesdays and Sundays so that you can have faith talks at home with your students to build onto what they have learned in their LifeGroups and MidWeek studies.

  • Parent Pages for Sunday LifeGroups

    Our D6 curriculum provides a Parent Page PDF to help you continue discipling your students at home based off of what they learned at LifeGroups on Sunday mornings. These Parent Pages also make a great supplement if your student misses LifeGroups on a particular Sunday. 

  • MidWeek Resource Videos

    Get information about what your students will be learning about in MidWeek Bible Study. These videos contain the passages of Scripture covered, lesson points, and discussion questions, all within a 2-3 minute video clip.

  • Parent Newsletter

    We want you to be informed about what is going on in our Student Ministry here at Greenwood Baptist. Here you can sign up for the monthly newsletter and reminders for upcoming Parent Meetings.

  • Parent Night

    Occasionally we will open our doors to you parents to come and worship with your students. We want you to see what your students do during MidWeek first hand, and we want to create opportunities for family worship, even in our Student Ministry setting. Find our when the next parent night is here.